Cult Salvation TL Stem(discontinued)

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“It's cool but not very good”

The Good: It looks kinda good Hollow bolts, but i dont really care.

The Bad: I fucked up this stem after first use, i had to bash it onto the fork cause it was really tight. Then the first time i removed the fork bolts, i realized it was stripped. Got really upset because cult wouldn't give me a refund and didn't want to help me. Email them about my cranks and they dont answer, just asked some questions, not broken. No answer. Cult... Getti'n real tired of your bullshit.

Overall Review: Looks are better than the lasting

“The best stem out there!”

The Good: Super grippy hasn't slipped once, very clean looking, light, very strong, strong bolts and stupidly high!!!

The Bad: Bit pricey but worth it!!!

Overall Review:

Been riding it just over a month and nothing has gone wrong yet and doesn't look like it will anytime soon!


The Good: I Just got my rasta salvation stem this stem by far is the best topload i have ever rode and i can honestly say before i rode this stem i was only into FL stems but this one changed my mind it doesnt slip it grips well and is extremely comfortable GET ONE!!!

The Bad: Nothing really bad about this stem i do wish they still had the Orang colored one out but they dont anymore

Overall Review:

you can 360 or 540 a 10 step and this stem will not fold & they recently started putting non-hollow bolts which is an extra plus words aren't enough for put for this stem you'd just have to buy one and feel it for yourself

“Legit stem!”

The Good: Hasn't slipped, looks good, adds rise, feels nice

The Bad: nothing really

Overall Review: Had this stem for about a month so far and i love it. Hasn't slipped and i've done some huge stuff so far, definitely recommend it.

“1st Topload”

The Good: It looks great, raises my bars up quite a bit!

The Bad: Mine is polished, because i got it for cheap 2nd hand.

Overall Review: i've had it for a week and have had no problems, and last night i crashed into another guy at full speend, no slippage.

“Cult Salvation RASTA”

The Good: Very good stem, just clean the handlebars and the stem let dry then bolt together. I have crashed hard with this stem and the bars didn't move. I love the rise because I can run a 8" bar and still have the rise I need to keep my back from hurting.

The Bad: Needs more colors.

Overall Review: I bought this stem when I got my cult frame and I love it. Never slips, looks great, and the RASTA color looks sick. Keep the sick parts coming. I will keep buying them. This thing is as good if not better than my s&m Redneck XLT

“i love this stem”

The Good: its a top load its the best stem ive ever had and i had the S&M race XLT stem and its not better that this one

The Bad: theres nothing bad about it CULT makes a good stem

Overall Review: i love it but i should of got it in polished because the rasta is getting annoying and i dont like it

“got a bad one maybe? :[”

The Good: felt good before it broke

The Bad: it was slipping, so i tightened it a little bit more (very slightly), stripped the inside of the bold hole

Overall Review: It gave a huge raise compared to my frontload stem. I was very into at first, wish it still worked.

“Best stem ive rode”

The Good: It makes the Bars feel great cause the raise, it flows with the bike no matter what, never slips, great weight for how reliable it is,

The Bad: i can honestly say that i dont know one bad thing about this stem

Overall Review: to me the best stem i have owned, great look to it, great performance, light, just if your looking for a stem.. BUY THIS ONE

“best stem ever”

The Good: never slips gives it good rise looks sweet cheap

The Bad: nuthing unless ur a weight whore

Overall Review: i went from having a primo aneylator that i cracked to this even tho ts 4oz. heavier u cant even tell i bunnyhopped a 12 stair and it didnt budge probly the best stem iv had

Reach 52mm
Materials CNC'd 6061 Aluminum
Colors Black, Polished, Rasta
Weight 0 lb 10 oz (283 g)
Price $54.99
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