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The Good: The bolts they stay in shape well they don't strip and the bars and forks don't move at all. it grips tightly.

The Bad: I ride brakes and i usually ride my stem upside down. the colony gyro plate doesn't work when the stem is upside down.

Overall Review:

I would consider every single part of this hub. it is amazing for a Stem and it is light as hell. it is strong. consider getting this

“Best stem!!”

The Good: Looks sweet, Simple, holds tight, and it feels good.

The Bad: Nothing really.

Overall Review: Its a great stem and I would definitely buy it again.

“awesome stem”

The Good: hasnt slipped for the past year and so that ive had it. looks nice as well.

The Bad: nothing bad about it in my opinion. except the purple fades on it after a while.

Overall Review: awesome stem and i recommended it.


The Good: hmmmm,super light nice and compact awsome reach,bolts r strong and clamps onm forks well

The Bad: having problems with bars slipping any1 else in the smae boat??

Overall Review: nice and light,compact good reach but as i said bars are slippign and hav stem as tight as it goes

Reach 52mm
Materials Full CNC machined from 7075T6 Alloy. Stronger & lighter than 6061T6 stems.
Colors Purple, Black, Red, Blue, Polished & Rainbow
Weight 0 lb 8.7 oz (248 g)
Price N/A
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