Stolen Class Ring Sprocket

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“Fuckin' great. McLovin' it”

The Good: Doesn't bend as easy as I thought it would. Pretty thick and the paints legit. It's great for the price, i'm going to run it until it breaks

The Bad: I had this on my old old bike and being a noob i grinded on my right side and i had a rhd set up, and i hit sprocket a lot. That's not the bad thing though, that was my fault. the bad thing was the teeth wore down kidna quick. I had a Demolitoin F1 sprocket once and it didn't wear at all compared to the Stolen

Overall Review: It's great. simple as that

“Its a sprocket”

The Good: Colors and its a sprocket.

The Bad: The adapters are shit. No sprocket bolt.

Overall Review: I like it. Kinda hard to install but whatever.
Overall Review: I like it. Kinda hard to install but whatever.

“Very Good sprocket”

The Good: Very Cheap to Purchase -> $25, Durable, Light, looks nice, comes with a 19mm adapter so you can run it on a 22mm or 19mm

The Bad: Paint Scrapes off easily, easy to lose 19mm Adapter

Overall Review: I would recommend this to anyone, it runs great, looks great, and is cheap for people on a budget... just make sure you dont lose the adapter if you are running on a 19mm crankset like me

“Good for the price”

The Good: It's light, durable, cheap, comes in nice colors, and the teeth maintain shape

The Bad: Wobles a little bit

Overall Review: I got it 2 years ago because it was cheap, and i'm still using it nonstop with minor problems. It's great if you need an inexspensive sprocket

“Sick chain wheel”

The Good: Its light and has amazing durability, it lasts forever, has non breakable teeth, holds chain insatiably good, and over all great chain wheel. And all for a cheep price

The Bad: Absoulutly thing amazing chan wheel :D

Overall Review: the best chain wheel i have ever bought worth the money cant wait to get the eternity ring!

“good only if you use it temporarily”

The Good: if you cant afford a good 1 here it is

The Bad: thin,barley last 6months,wears out sooo bad

Overall Review: if you have the $ to get a thick good sprocket dont waste your $ on this 1,its just gona cause problems cause it wears out pretty fast and the gearing is gona be crap and then popping will start to happen

“not a good sprocket”

The Good: lasted a good 6 months or so

The Bad: teeth wore down, sprocket ovalized and stretched my chain so i had to spend like 65 bucks on a new sprocket and chain.

Overall Review: its not good dont buy it, i love stolen but this sprocket sucks

“This sprocket sucks”

The Good: There is absolutely nothing good about this sprocket

The Bad: It turns an oval shape...screws up the chain tension...teeth wear down so bad and it stretches the chain terribly

Overall Review: Just saying not to buy it unless you want a crappy sprocket

Tooth Count 25
Tooth Size 1/8"
Thickness 5.2mm
Materials CNC machined 6061 aluminum
Colors Anodized Black, Gold, Red, or Painted White
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous 2.54 oz (72g)
Price N/A
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