Haro H-Crest Seat Seat(discontinued)

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“Comfy, weak.”

The Good: It's quite cooshy and is a good cruising seat.

The Bad: It tore from me just riding with it, not riding hard at all.

Overall Review:

Keep it if you have it, they don't make them anymore I don't think. I got mine off my 2006 Backtrail x2

“Freakin sucks!!!”

The Good: soft soft and well padded

The Bad: wider then hell, taller then hell, and just plain awful!!!!!!!

Overall Review: Its only good for people who don't know how to ride and have to sit down a lot.

“Great Seat”

The Good: This seat is very comfortable. It is good for anyone who sits while they ride. It is also good for anyone with baggy pants. It is very high quality.

The Bad: Nothing Really

Overall Review: It is a very good seat. I really cant say much more other than it can be a little more comfortable.


The Good: light for a railed

The Bad: railed seat

Overall Review: i have a haro railed seat same size different pattern. good for a railed and light too, but have been looking for a pivital cause i always seem to strip the guts of railed posts when i land too hard off a ramp and hurt my knee, i sit down too hard for railed seat posts and seats to stay put

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-Vinyl top w/ 3D H-Crest logo & abrasion resistant corners
-7mm Crmo rails
-Seat-grab front guard and rear bumper

Featured color: black

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