Stolen S.I.C. Pivotal Seatpost(discontinued)

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“Stolen S.I.C. Seatpost”

The Good: Kinda cool concept

The Bad: Heavy , Hard to fit into frame

Overall Review:

I bought this seat post for $5 from a friend cuz my old one was shot , this seat post isn't horrible but i wouldn't recommend it unless you have to have one cuz your frame

“Great! Hasn't failed me yet!”

The Good: Light, strong, 75mm is good for the slammed riders.

The Bad: Paint comes off really easily.

Overall Review: I don't tighten it all the way sometimes cause I'm afraid of stripping my seat bolt, so I run this with a seat clamp for added clamping.

“Stolen S.I.C Pivitol post”

The Good: Lightweight, Somewhat durable No seat clamp required

The Bad: Slips occasionally, Anodizing comes off fairly easily, Too short for me since i don't usually slam my seat,

Overall Review: This is sort of a wedge post design.Like mentioned above, When you tighten your seat the guts in the post expand tightening your seatpost as well,Using your seat bolt for 2 jobs is a good idea,Saves you money on not having to buy a seat clamp. I did experience some slipping on certain occasions where my leg hit my seat hard.But a quick loosen and i was back in business.I did have to torque it pretty good to stay put. So overall if you slam your seat,And your frame doesn't have a built in clamp you should consider buying this or the Animal Wedge post.I rate it 4 out of 5 stars

“Clean Look”

The Good: no need for seat clamp,looks clean,flush with the seat

The Bad: moves aliitle when you hit it with you knee or leg hard nothing big just hit it right back

Overall Review: had for over a year and works great,clean flush look with the seat and frame

“Stolen S.I.C. Pivotal Seatpost”

The Good: Eliminates the need for a seatmast and seperate seatclamp, looks clean, its light

The Bad: Has 2 slits which would be prone to slipping, would be better with 4 slits, i have modded mine so it does have 4 contact points now the post as is good if not better then any other.

Overall Review: Clean lightweight seat post clamp, relatively cheap, comes in just the right size for it to be not too long or too short cant go wrong, recommended !

“this post”

The Good: looks nice

The Bad: slips like a mofo, heavy when u get the 135mm, cant b cut

Overall Review: i had the longer sic wedge it was heavy, and slipped alot, now i have a animal wedge i reccomend the animal it doesnt slip like this one does

Style Pivotal
Diameter 25.4mm
Length 75mm or 135mm
Materials Forged 6061 Post / 7075 360º Wedge
Colors Black, Gold, Red (Dark Blue in the works)
Weight 75mm: 0 lb 3 oz (85 g) 135mm: 0 lb 5.1 oz (145 g)
Price N/A
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