Mission Momentum Pedals

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The Good: Grippy, long lasting, and cheap

The Bad: Well hey are metal and really grippy so if youre not used to it itll be hard to bail and they destroy your shins, and you might get addicted to them forever

Overall Review:

They grip amazing, last forever, and cheap to replace if you ever do brake them. iv had others before and when i got these i fell in love. they last forever for only being $25 i never had issues with them and mine are now years old and still awesome.

“Good Metals”

The Good: Lightweight No knurling to get drit stuck in Grippy Affordable

The Bad: I think I may have slightly bent a spindle as I feel something uneven when I pedal with these Shinners if you are worried about them, but they happen less then with plastics.

Overall Review:

My local bike shop owner even rides these and you should see his bike. He runs top of the line everything. I prefer more grip because I hate slipping off pedals. I am hating my Twisted PCs and slip off them so often so I get a lot of shinners and bruises. Shit ends up causing more pain then metals. I run Odsy JCPC right now and I like having grip much better. I had one slip on them and it barely even hurt.

“they are okay. not a fan of metal pedals.”

The Good: they grip, they are light for metals, they will last. not to expensive.

The Bad: they will tear you up haha. if you grind on the pins it will turn them into knives. they will mess your shoes up. the reason i stopped riding them is because i bent the crap out if the axles. but they lasted a year.

Overall Review: pretty good be careful

“good pedals”

The Good: really grippy and i like the shape. inexpensive and strong

The Bad: theyre metal and they hurt your shins like a bitch. the edges of the pins are like razor sharp at first lol.

Overall Review: they're good i like the shape but sometimes they might seem a little too grippy for me but it just depends on what you like.

Body Material Cast Aluminum
Colors Black, White
Spindle 9/16 chromoly spindle
Weight 0 lb 15.6 oz (442 g)
Miscellaneous + 11 removable pins per size
Price N/A
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