Duo Brand Bohan Grips

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“great grips”

The Good: last ages come worn in so no harsh grip phase

The Bad: There's actually nothing, the bar ends are even good.

Overall Review:

Brilliant grips and worth every penny. The flanges are perfect size, they come already comfortable so no blistered hand due to harsh grips phase, after 4 months or so mine are still like new and the bar ends they come with are great. I used to buy animal edwins but now sticking with these.

“DUO Bohan Gripssss”

The Good: Theyre made by ODI and feel amazing

The Bad: a little to short for my liking

Overall Review: Theyre good grips feel amazing right out of the box. get them!
Length 140mm length / 31mm diameter
Materials Made in the USA by ODI and includes DUO bar ends
Colors Black, deep purple, or gum
Weight 0 lb 4 oz (113 g)
Miscellaneous Corey Bohan's signature grip — http://duobrand.com
Price $11.99
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