Federal Lacey Frame

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“federal Lacey fuckyeah!!!!”

The Good: Very light frame, very strong

The Bad: Nothing bad to say.... Hasn't let me down yet

Overall Review:

Recommend this frame to anyone... Good job federal

“Dan lacey limited chrome 20.75 frame”

The Good: This is one of my favorite frame... It's very comfortable, high, strong and very beautiful...

The Bad: After running 2 years, just bunny 3 and done. Cracked completely within the seat tube, can't be repaired.

Overall Review:

I just want to ride you one more day in the streets.... Miss you... :D


The Good: Nice dropouts, headtube, shape, very strong. I like it very much !

The Bad: I don't know what to say. I cannot say anything bad about it :p

Overall Review: I love it, it feels so great on street, dirt and park!


The Good: Everything !the dropouts,stand over (now 8.8" not 9" ) the headtube angle the stay lenth (13.5" slammed) its soo strong and looks as nice as a teens boobs

The Bad: Nothing the geo is not an acquired taste...the guy below is on about the first one (2011)

Overall Review: I love this frame it feels so solid and does not flex at all I love it !!!!

“Lacey Frame”

The Good: - very strong - nice shape dropouts and head tube

The Bad: The geometry is very much an acquired feeling as it goes with this frame. i am a tall rider (6 ft tall) and even with this frame in 21'' TT it is a back killer and very hard to ride as the standover is generally to much along with the 75.5 headtube angle.

Overall Review: I've had this frame for about 4 months now. Overall the frame is strong and holds up but for a tall rider its like having your bottom bracket where your seat should be.

Bottom Bracket 11.8″
Top Tube Length 20.25″, 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″
Chainstay Length 13.75″
Head Tube Angle 75.5°
Seat Tube Angle 71°
Standover Height
Brake Mount Location Seatstay
Colors Star Blue, ED Black, or Chrome
Weight 4 lb 13 oz (2.2 kg)
Price N/A
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