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The Good: these forks are amazing.i have had them for over 3 years now and i have had no problem what so ever

The Bad: a little bit heavy

Overall Review:

buy them they are definetly worth the price

“Best Forks Out There!”

The Good: Drop outs nice and thick, heavy duty, can take a beating, light.

The Bad: The compression bolt comes loose.

Overall Review:

Amazing Forks! hit huge doubles and packs and can nose dive all day with out anything happening to them. been riding them about a year and still perfect condition just a little wear and tear on the stickers.

“Rockin' these forks right now.”

The Good: They are really strong forks, the drop outs are so thick and they are unlikely to bend or break.

The Bad: Nothing is wrong with them.

Overall Review: The fork bolt can be tighten or loosened with a size 6 or a size 8 allen key so you dont have to worry about stripping it. And they come in 14mm drop outs or 3/8s.

“........ STRONG.....”

The Good: super strong, decent weight, super sturdy

The Bad: nothing really

Overall Review: all odyssey forks are good, ive had just about every fork they make.. i have directors now and i love em, best forks ive ridden

“LOVE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Good: there strong and they can really take abuse...

The Bad: theres nothing bad rreally

Overall Review: ive had mine for about 3 years and nothing bad has realy happend to them. they last and take abuse best forks ever.........odyssey makes the best forks thats why they offer the warrenty cuz they know nothing bads gonna happen to them.

“best forks all around”

The Good: everything, i love buying odyssey because i never have to research. i know im getting the absolute best for the price of all the garbage out there.

The Bad: nothing. these are great forks. i grind every day just about and they are still brand new.

Overall Review: if your going to spend more than $100 on a pair of forks, you better buy these. lifetime warranty.

“Strongest forks ever!”

The Good: They dont bend i run adapters and grind everyday and still nothing. No cracks best forks ever. Thick dropouts.

The Bad: Nothing to be honest just that mine are 14mm idc tho nothin to bit*h about. The name says what their good for

Overall Review: Their awsome... My friend has the classic dirts runs 4 pegs and i think on his normal grind side they are starting to bend :/ ill stick to pros

“Freeking good forks”

The Good: Everything , lifetime warrenty

The Bad: none ! !!!!!!!!!

Overall Review: great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steer Tube Construction
Leg Construction
Miscellaneous INFO:
The Strongest fork. Our Heavy duty fork that is still lighter than most so called "light" forks. Lifetime Guarantee. 2lbs 8oz. (UNCUT) Butted legs. 6mm dropouts. 3/8 or 14mm dropouts. with(14mm, black only) or without brake mounts. 7075 preload bolt.

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Featured color: black
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