Stolen S.I.C. Cranks

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“worst cranks ever”

The Good: nothing they fucking suck

The Bad: everything especially the internal pinch bolt.

Overall Review:

don't waste your money on these, you'll regret it even though they're the cheapest cranks you can get. the pinch bolt snapped on a fucking feeble, can you believe that? they're the worst cranks out there and i wouldn't let my worst enemy run these. JUNK

would give them a -5 stars if i could.

“they're alright”

The Good: They look cool because they don't have a pinch bolt, and they're cheap.

The Bad: The paint is just a flat color, but who really cares about that.

Overall Review:

good price, look neat, but theyre just like any other stock 8 spline crank, they just look fancy, average weight, but defenantly worth the money.

“Not good at all”

The Good: They were good the first month

The Bad: They cracked from a 360 down a 4 stair after 5 monthes of having them

Overall Review:

These cranks were good wen I first got them. A month later they started creaking. Then they always got loose. Then I cracked right by the pinch bolt on these from 360 down a 4 stair. So just spend the extra money and get good cranks. U will regret buyin these

“Good! I like them”

The Good: Feel strong, good colors

The Bad: Came loose

Overall Review:

I got the 2013 stolen sinner and it has these cranks. i have had the bike for three days, they feel like they could be stronger ans the bolts came loose but i think its cuz they are new.. but overall they feel good and i like them.

“Tempting price point leads to regret”

The Good: Look cool, easy to install.

The Bad: Broke quick.

Overall Review:

I had a feeling about these cranks, but figured I was paranoid. NOPE.  The internal clamp broke off and slowly warped the arm. thanks for ruining my sprocket and making me think I was crazy for a month.


Crank Arm Construction Internal clamp design for smooth crank boss
Crank Arm Materials 4130 Tubular Chromoly
Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
Drive Side RHD
Spindle 19mm, 8 spline, heat treated Chromoly
Colors ED Black, Blue, Red, or Matte White
Weight 2 lb 2.6 oz (981 g)
Price N/A
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