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“Best cranks ever.”

The Good: No flex that I can notice unlock my stock cranks. Strong as all hell, I'm 180lbs and ride them almost all day every day doing stair sets and everything. They don't even creak. Also, they're light.

The Bad: Nothing at all. Unless you like to have a rainbow bike, in that case the lack of colors may disappoint.

Overall Review:

Everybody says that they're super hard to put on and blah blah blah. Put a little grease on the spindle, and the splines of the crank arm and it just glides on nicely. Seriously. I take these off and give everything a good cleaning 3 times a month and they're still easy to put on without any trouble.
Also, to the people saying the logo by your leg rubs off - I've been riding these for months and it's still there, clean and visible as day 1.

10/10 I'd put my feet on these any day. I recommend them to everyone who says they need new cranks.

“Nice Cranks”

The Good: Strong, good looking. Light. Theyre made by Fit.

The Bad: The fit logo that faces your leg scrapes off like the first time you ride them but who cares. And they dont come with a crank tool

Overall Review:

Just got them for my bday less than a week ago but i havnt ridden them muc but for the time i have theyve been sweet.

“amazing cranks”

The Good: amazing cranks super strong and look amazing

The Bad: nothing... everyone said supper hard to get on but i used the crank bolts to press em on and it went great

Overall Review: fantastic cranks never getting anything else... fits where its at

“best cranks ever”

The Good: very solid feel like profiles there light they look sick and there some of the stongest cranks out there.

The Bad: my set didnt come with any spline to put them on

Overall Review: best cranks ever godd if u dont like profiles the in dents in the crank arms save some weight but are still strong as

“reallly solid cranks”

The Good: really solid,reliable all around great cranks

The Bad: sometimes its hard to remove them and the spindle also they get loose when not put on right

Overall Review: just get them if your looking for some cranks super duper sweet.....theyve been on like 4 bikes mine are at least 3 years old and still goin strong

“very good cranks”

The Good: had them over 2 years now, getting new ones for christmas only cause of what im gonna put in the bad. but they're good, no cracks or dents or anything. super strong

The Bad: after so long, 48 spline cranks develop a wobble to them even if they're really tight which gets annoying. only reason im getting new cranks

Overall Review: great cranks, you wont regret buying them

“Great Cranks”

The Good: Solid cranks, I have been running them for about a year now on my Mtb and my Bmx, nice length, wicked design. Im about 200 pounds and these things are lasting unlike my Demolition 2.0 (they snapped).

The Bad: Hard as FUUUUUUUUUUUU to get on, but in the end its worth it.

Overall Review: I bought mine new for $80 from a LBS employee, the reason I got them. Nice cranks, sick design. All cranks do the same job for me but in the end its which pair out lasts the other. HOOK YOURSELF UP WITH ONE OF THESE

“good cranks that u should get but pickup sokme ky jelly on the way home to help get them on”

The Good: concave look sick 48 spline 19 mm nice paint flush bolt so theres no ankle rubbing !FIT!

The Bad: not beefy enough, hollow spindle

Overall Review: u should get these cranks because they look cool in flat black


The Good: Very durable probably best set i have around

The Bad: HARD AS A MOTHER Fooker to get on

Overall Review: Had em almost a year ben on 2 bikes so far recomend them to anybody who needs good durable cranks

Crank Arm Construction Concaved Arm Design increases strength and dent resistance
Crank Arm Materials Tubular 4130 Chromoly
Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
Drive Side RHD/LHD compatible with two sprocket bolt locations
Spindle Hollow 19mm 48 spline spindle
Colors black grey and white
Weight 1 lb 13.2 oz (826 g)
Price N/A
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