Colony Rear Freecoaster Wheels

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“Solid Wheel while it lasts”

The Good:

Rim is fairly strong, Freecoaster ran well before it broke Adjustable slack is awesome

The Bad:

The hub broke after 5 months. Which is apparently pretty normal for freecoasters. Be careful when considering buying one, they don't last as long as you think.

Overall Review:

I give this set up about a 3 and a half because the wheel did hold up to some rough beatings but in the end the hub broke.

Product Colony Rear Freecoaster Wheels
Riding Type
Wheel Size
Front Hub Construction N/A
Front Axle
Front Wheel Spoke Count
Front Rim Width
Rear Hub Construction Colony Freecoaster Hub
Drive Style
Rear Hub Axle
Rear Wheel Spoke Count
Rear Rim Width
Drive Side
Driver Size 9t
Rims 36 hole Contour Rim
Colors All Black & Black with Rainbow hub.
Weight 3 lb 0 oz (1362 g)
Price N/A
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Colony BMX

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