2013 2-Hip Bizzle Bike

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“2hip Bizzle”

The Good: Full chromoly frame, 25/9 is good for park, mine (idk if it was just the shop) came with wide bars, pedals have allen key axle.

The Bad: Unusual colors, design is too low, sealed bb and headset

Overall Review: My sister owned this bike (and I took care of it). To be honest I didn't like it. The only things it has going for it is the gear ratio.. And I'd like to say the frame, since it's full chrmo, but I highly dislike the frame. The problem with the frame is although it is strong it has a tiny ass headtube. This limits what kind of forks you will ever ride without cutting the steerer tube. That is a complete hassle. Mine came with wide (but low) bars. Pretty sure they're stock. I hate the front end of this bike. The bars are super wide, and not tall enough, especially for a bike with such a short steerer tube/headtube. It had unusual geometry, to be honest. I still have the cranks (got rid of everything else of course) and they seem strong, but they're heavier than other cranks that I own that I have also had no problems with. These cranks, unfortunately, I do have problems with. They keep coming loose, and I've tried the stock spindle, and a new Mission 8 spline spindle. Still the same problem. While I'm talking about the cranks, I have to say I did like the pedals for one reason, and that's that they have a 6mm allen wrench/hex wrench axle. The thing about the pedals is that they're weak though. They're the same mold as United Value PC pedals. I also disliked the decals that came on it, and the seat was really unusually flat, for a plastic pivotal seat. Never had problems with hubs or anything. I just hate how it's priced so high compared to the shitty Nitrous Cobra my mom got me around the same time, and the Cobra had none of these problems, and it's a fucking nitrous. Unsealed american bb, unsealed headset, etc, you name it, it had something negative about it. And I had no issues with it, and for practically a third of the price. Seriously my suggestion is spend your money on something more 'normal' or 'compatable' and save your money by doing so. It's a nice bike if you somehow get stuck with it, but I don't recommend it over something else.

Model Year 2013
Frame 4130 Frame (20.5" Top Tube, 13.25" Chainstay)
    Top Tube Length
    Chainstay Length
    Head Tube Angle
    Seat Tube Angle
    Standover Height
    BB Height
Fork 4130 with Tapered Legs
Handlebar 2 Peice 8.5" Rise
Bar Ends
Headset Integrated
Cranks Full 4130 with Heat Treated Tubular Arms
Sprocket 25 Tooth
Bottom Bracket Sealed Mid BB with 4130 Spindle
Pedals 4130 Spindle, Plastic Platform
Driver/Freewheel 9 Tooth with One Piece -4 Pawl Driver
Front Rim Alienation 36 Hole
Rear Rim Alienation 36 Hole
Front Hub Sealed Mechanism 3/8, 4130 Axle, Female
Rear Hub Sealed Bearing 14m, 4130 Axle, Female
Front Tire 2.30" Street Tires
Rear Tire 2.30" Street Tires
Seat 2hip Pivotal
Seatpost Pivotal Plastic
Seatpost Clamp
Brakes Rear
Brake Levers
Detangler N/A
Pegs 2 Pegs
Colors Orange, Raw
Weight N/A
Price $425.25
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