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C50_imag0639_1384480739 OneGuyIlluminatiEye Quote
3/19/2014 4:54 PM

Trying to stir crap up bringing up my past smh how can you be that thirsty for attention

C50_47028_101011776630841_132097_n_00005_20150806_015645_1438841054 Mikel8149 Quote
3/19/2014 5:01 PM

fuck OSS adam 22 can go die for all i care.

Kidding but really he can go suck a cock.

C50_imag0639_1384480739 OneGuyIlluminatiEye Quote
3/19/2014 5:07 PM
Mikel8149 wrote:

fuck OSS adam 22 can go ...more

Yea I know what ya mean, it's messed up that dude was supposedly cool with me but he's crossing the line, that is from way back before I got banned on here, making it look like I said that an hour ago

I am so irratated

C50_img_3271_1469850311 sundaybmxRR Quote
3/19/2014 5:18 PM

He did the same thing to my friend. My friend doesn't like him at all & whenever he saw a post on instagram from him in the "Following" thing when you go to check your likes, he'd comment on Adam's shit saying dumb things & one time he left the N word as a comment and Adam made a HUGE deal about it & tweeted it AND posted it on instagram, which in return made the comments full of racist comments, homophobic comments, and other slander, all towards my friend who was just loling at the whole thing

C50_tops_1439789482 Stocksy Quote
3/19/2014 6:14 PM

I don't like Adam 22 at all to be honest. Never really did. He gives off such a negative vibe, I'm just not a big fan of him. I love The Come Up but Adam is a douche!

C50_image_1443538790 blaaaaaaaaa Quote
3/19/2014 7:35 PM

OSS doesn't promote bmx at all. It just makes us all look bad.

C50_image_1465865153 Brayden_Buckingham Quote
3/19/2014 8:22 PM

Tell him to fuck off and jump more homeless people. Nothing better to do in his life.

C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face Quote
3/19/2014 9:39 PM

Seems like he's alittle attention hungry haha

C50_579076_549673761765071_443426546_n_1381071225 Zach P-D Quote
3/19/2014 11:55 PM

tbh Adam22 was ok, but now he is just a massive jerk

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
3/20/2014 8:10 AM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Tell him to fuck off and ...more

TCP edits are good tho.

C50_deviant_blackbg_logo_1374856568 DeviantBMX123 Quote
3/20/2014 6:47 PM

how is what he did wrong? looking at the shit you posted i dont blame him for blocking you and calling you racist. none of it was a lie. if you dont want to be called racist dont throw the n word around.

C50_img_3271_1469850311 sundaybmxRR Quote
3/20/2014 7:00 PM
DeviantBMX123 wrote:

how is what he did wrong? ...more

He blocks anyone who talks shit to him then calls them out after he blocks them

I don't understand his logic, especially because I remember him tweeting something a few months ago about how FBM really influenced him because he loved their "tell it how it is, no censorship" sort of deal, and here he is blocking anyone/everyone who talks shit to him

C50_vought_corsair_f4u_ww2_wwii_aircraft_1920x1080_hd_wallpaper_782793_1454633513 feeble_to_face Quote
3/20/2014 7:09 PM

#stonerlyfe #420 #420blazeit #bmx #fuckdapolece

C50_deviant_blackbg_logo_1374856568 DeviantBMX123 Quote
3/20/2014 7:54 PM
sundaybmxRR wrote:

He blocks anyone who talks ...more

idk what happened with your friend but in what way is he calling him out? he was racist he blocked him.. All he said was that he was racist he wasn't saying stuff like "you better shut your face or ill fuck you up you stupid piece of shit faggot charles." which is more or less what people do on here.Including you and including me. You can't hate somebody for doing the same shit you/we do.

C50_img_3271_1469850311 sundaybmxRR Quote
3/20/2014 8:09 PM
DeviantBMX123 wrote:

idk what happened with ...more

He calls them out & has his followers do their worst, like he'll put a . behind their @name so everyone can see him put them on blast, or quote tweet them & say something. That's his way of calling people out, he does it on twitter all the time

C50_132498910_1288141411 sketchytravis Quote
3/20/2014 8:51 PM

what a douchebag. someone should take his teeth from him.

C50_img_3271_1469850311 sundaybmxRR Quote
3/20/2014 8:54 PM

Lolol he's gonna find this and tweet it & all his followers are gonna spam "Fuck Vital" and/or variants of that. Originality at its finest.

C50_deviant_blackbg_logo_1374856568 DeviantBMX123 Quote
3/20/2014 9:22 PM
sundaybmxRR wrote:

He calls them out & ...more

But this isn't that. That's not what this thread is about. IT's about that specific tweet were all he says is "Of course I'm gonna block a racist bmxer. " he didn't tag him. hell one eye wasn't even mentioned. there would be no connection between him and this tweet if he didn't go and be racist again in the comments.

C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face Quote
3/20/2014 9:28 PM

Why does he always tag catfish in his posts? (I know he doesn't always but he does alot)

C50_2015_08_21_09.27.43_1_1440912113 biggybuggy Quote
3/20/2014 10:58 PM
DeviantBMX123 wrote:

idk what happened with ...more

sundaybmxRR wrote:

He calls them out & ...more

DeviantBMX123 wrote:

But this isn't that. ...more

You still see his username, I could go and search him up now if I wanted.

C50_deviant_blackbg_logo_1374856568 DeviantBMX123 Quote
3/21/2014 12:06 AM

Oh shit wait is that a screen cap of his comment? Shiiit i thought that was his response to it. Sorry guys for making myself look like an ass lol .

Either way. Racism, sexism and homophobia is stuff that should be called out imho.

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
3/21/2014 3:13 PM
sketchytravis wrote:

what a douchebag. someone ...more


C50_skate_or_leave_1466620531 dave lawrence Quote
3/23/2014 11:10 AM

If it happened a long time ago though, it is stupid to bring it back up. Same goes with blocking someone, THEN calling them out publicly so other followers jump all over the OP of th stupid things.

Honestly to me, calling someone out like that publicly shows immaturity. If someone got my twitter (which I rarely use as it is) and started being racist or negative, I would block them and that's it. I wouldn't tell people to spam him or anything.

Hell, I used to have a bunch of people from here on FB, and one random dipshit kid was making super inappropriate comments on my pictures (damn near all of them), so I blocked him. I actually deleted all of the other people pretty much too, since I decided Facebook will be only people I have actually met/know.

C50_000_0011_1411948922 BMXism Quote
3/30/2014 9:15 PM

what do you expect from a piece of shit? Look at this garbage he promotes. The dude isn't in it for BMX. Hes a lie. A fraud. The money won't last. I wouldn't worry bout it Charles. I know you're a changed man. Fuck em and OSS.

OH, how original... fucking garbage

C50_image_1456192579 eskimojay Quote
3/30/2014 9:59 PM

What's wrong with pentagrams and upside down crosses?

C50_012_1363742799 Aav1996 Quote
3/30/2014 10:18 PM
eskimojay wrote:

What's wrong with ...more

It's garbage.... it's not original. This guy reminds me of Tyler the creator. Pretty much the same thing. OF OWGFTKA or however the fuck you spell it. It's a phase people ride his cock for a little bit then he'll be forgotten. I don't hear people talk about Tyler the Creator anymore, same shit with his Andy guy or whatever his name is. He's just looking for attention, look at me I'm wearing an upside down cross and pentagrams I'm a baddie.

C50_image_1456192579 eskimojay Quote
3/30/2014 10:21 PM

There's nothing original anymore everything's been done

Little devil was doing shit like that way long ago they fucking rule

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
3/31/2014 7:05 AM

Bmxism, yea, pretty rare to see these days ahha.

C50_imag0639_1384480739 OneGuyIlluminatiEye Quote
3/31/2014 7:52 AM

The fact that I'm not racist anymore is what pisses me off, he's bringing crap up from way back, now there's probably a bunch of people people that think I'm some racist piece of crap, like what if my soul mate was some pretty black gurl and she seen that :O

It's funny how neither of them had the balls to actually tag me in it like what a bunch of sneaky cowards, and that weirdo didn't even block me, I'm really pissed at this douche bag Marty shields for putting that on Instagram trying to dick ride adam and those punk ass hash tags

C50_imag0639_1384480739 OneGuyIlluminatiEye Quote
3/31/2014 7:58 AM
BMXism wrote:

what do you expect from a ...more

Exactly, it's all about bringing in satanic garbage, like seriously how can you claim to be atheist but those are the kinda clothes your gonna make, get real

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