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C50_img_20140427_155636_1399420435 tr1x Quote
2/18/2014 8:32 AM

just wondering, or more like trying find some motivation to go ride really lol. i kinda just moved and back where i was, it never got colder than 25 celsius (77 F). and now here i am in the midwest in "winter", its been way too cold and too much snow since Jan up until this week. its gonna be around 0 to 4 celsius (30 to 40 F) for the next few days with a bit if snow left on the ground. would you guys bike 5 miles to the local park for a session?

C50_579076_549673761765071_443426546_n_1381071225 Zach P-D Quote
2/18/2014 8:37 AM

below 5C is annoying

C50_image_1456192579 eskimojay Quote
2/18/2014 8:42 AM

Usually don't ride below 10 degrees celcious

C50_d81703535df466af2974143dd3dfbb1b_1464807877 Shortdude Quote
2/18/2014 8:44 AM

32 degrees Fahrenheit (0*c)

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
2/18/2014 8:57 AM

I can do pretty cold as long as theres no wind. But as soon as the wind starts blowing thats when I get pissed and go in.

C50_skate_or_leave_1466620531 dave lawrence Quote
2/18/2014 8:57 AM

I usually don't ride outside if it is under about 10 degrees F.

But I bundle up.

Or ride indoors.

C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face Quote
2/18/2014 8:59 AM

I dont know i live in LA so i dont have to deal with the cold

C50_profilepic_1439789055 Collin_McClenahan Quote
2/18/2014 9:04 AM

25 F

C50_big_lebowski_1374129987 Fad3r Quote
2/18/2014 9:15 AM

If it's above 32 i'll usually ride. When you start getting the -5 wind chills thats when i call it quits and just have a garage session.

C50_d81703535df466af2974143dd3dfbb1b_1464807877 Shortdude Quote
2/18/2014 9:17 AM
FreddyDapice wrote:

I can do pretty cold as ...more

Same with me. Wind's a bitch. Except for in the summer, then it's nice.

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
2/18/2014 10:06 AM

Never cold enough hahah. I live somewhere that its pretty warm, the only way i go in is if its raining or the roads are wet.

C50_blazerls1bucket_1424231192 TheBrandonFranke Quote
2/18/2014 10:08 AM

40 or 50 f.

C50_scarlett_johansson_3_1392812907 Boomcat264 Quote
2/18/2014 12:07 PM

It's even cold in summer here.. i swear it actually never gets hot, maybe warm. but it's practically always cold

C50_image_1443538790 blaaaaaaaaa Quote
2/18/2014 12:12 PM

Get some long underwhere and ride.

C50_image_1421860014 BMX_Forever Quote
2/18/2014 12:33 PM
Boomcat264 wrote:

It's even cold in summer ...more

Where do you live in the UK? Where I live it's warmer than most of the US and it's too hot to ride more often than it's too cold to ride. I do live right on the south coast though. The main problem here is the rain. It's rained every day for over a month the moment where I am.

C50_fullscreen_capture_7122013_103046_pm_1375638701 WuTrailClan Quote
2/18/2014 12:36 PM

(30 to 40 F) Would be a heat wave right now where i live.

C50_screenshot_2_1384914974 calvinchoii Quote
2/18/2014 12:48 PM

ya i live up north so riding in tempuratures under -40 is a daily thing for us

C50_scarlett_johansson_3_1392812907 Boomcat264 Quote
2/18/2014 12:53 PM

I live in manchester

C50_deviant_blackbg_logo_1374856568 DeviantBMX123 Quote
2/18/2014 1:18 PM
WuTrailClan wrote:

(30 to 40 F) Would be a ...more

forreal! Today is amazing but like last weeek it got up to 35 and there were girls in shorts lol

C50_vought_corsair_f4u_ww2_wwii_aircraft_1920x1080_hd_wallpaper_782793_1454633513 feeble_to_face Quote
2/18/2014 2:00 PM

It is never too cold to ride for me. Coldest it got this week was 60. #caliswag

C50_img_3271_1469850311 sundaybmxRR Quote
2/18/2014 2:44 PM

below 40° usually, rarely I'll come out below that because no one's out.

C50_img_2265_1373236816 MaximusBikes Quote
2/18/2014 6:15 PM

I can do anything really, i have had a session at zero degrees on a main road. haha Idc usually. I dont stay out for too long though, never longer than an hour if it is lower than 20 degrees. Snow usually stops me if it is on the roads and such. This is all in Fahrenheit

C50_image_1465865153 Brayden_Buckingham Quote
2/18/2014 6:47 PM

Yah....you guys aren't Canadian

I used to ride my bike (Not bmx just cruise) when I was a couple years younger in.... a foot of snow. I love my bike. I slipped around but it was fun drifting and falling into the big snow piles.

This year in winter , I rode in -12 degree Celcius weather. An undershirt , 2 Tshirts and a hoodie. Your fingers freeze up and your ears harden , it really wasn't fun. It's the wind that kills you , I think it was about -16 at one point here in Vancouver. PLus with the ice , salt , crazy dumbass drivers , and pedadestrians. It was crazy.

C50_img_2577_1392780808 sketo Quote
2/18/2014 6:47 PM

less than 40°F isnt very fun for me

C50_008efedfd9d48d0c9e18e05903388357_1424155088 dkTechEthan Quote
2/18/2014 7:25 PM

call me a whimp, but anything under 45 isnt to friendly...

C50_image_1387417510 realityisajoke Quote
2/19/2014 10:36 AM

The lowest I've ridden is -8F. It's never too cold if I want to ride that bad, haha. All depends on how desperate I am to ride.

C50_img_0266_1_1399329402 Icant180 Quote
2/19/2014 11:21 AM

i ride as much as i can when it gets cold, even though it never really gets that cold in FL. it usually holds off the rain too. but cold+rain is a fuckno

C50_image_1443538790 blaaaaaaaaa Quote
2/19/2014 11:27 AM
dkTechEthan wrote:

call me a whimp, but ...more


C50_k_1368798806 luke_dawg Quote
2/21/2014 11:31 AM

I live in the middle of Massachusetts so we're under six feet of snow right now, but as long as i can find a dry parking lot and can feel my hands usually i'll ride.

C50_1908376_743429109054852_4480160112521288533_n_1408568840 K_A_N_E_ Quote
2/21/2014 4:55 PM

5* celsius.

But as long as it's not wet/windy/raining I'll ride

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