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C50 Dennon21 Quote
4/14/2014 10:25 AM

My front tire keeps popping no matter what I've looked at the rim stripe it's fine I've looked over the inside of the tire it's fine I don't over pressurize it so I'm stumped any ideas? Here's a pic of the tube it's crazy

C50_bike_2_1425082572 dave lawrence Quote
4/14/2014 12:00 PM

Pinch flat blowout. Basically the center of the hole is where it pinches, then blows out like that. What are you using to install the tire?

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
4/14/2014 12:39 PM

Nice hole lol. Maybe spokes are that loose that they push the rim strip and fucks thatup..

C50 Dennon21 Quote
4/14/2014 1:27 PM

Just noticed this also, is this what's causing the flats? Or are they actually pinch flats? Yes that's the metal sticking out of the tire..

C50_bike_2_1425082572 dave lawrence Quote
4/14/2014 3:08 PM

Bad tire. Yes that is the cause I would bet.

New tire time!

C50_bike_2_1425082572 dave lawrence Quote
4/14/2014 3:08 PM

Oh and quit using screwdrivers to change your tires.

C50 Dennon21 Quote
4/14/2014 3:15 PM

I actually use the rubber end of my wrench and my fingers lol

C50_cultoween8_1417242332 Coopers25 Quote
4/14/2014 8:28 PM

use plastic tire wrenches best things ever! also make sure your tire is seated properly

C50_bike_2_1425082572 dave lawrence Quote
4/15/2014 6:33 AM
Dennon21 wrote:

I actually use the rubber ...more

Quit using the wrench. Get tire levers. 5 dollar investment, no more trashed tires. Make sure you learn the correct way to use them as well. In the shop I worked at, we MAYBE went through a set of 3 in a summer. That's doing dozens of tires a day.

My personal set is 3 years old, barely any wear on them.

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
4/15/2014 3:44 PM

Yes thats probably the problem.

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