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C50_tops_1439789482 Stocksy Quote
6/1/2014 8:57 PM

This was a sick video! I like Chase Hawk, he isn't my favorite rider but his flowy style is really fun to watch!

I love informational videos like these about any rider. They're so fun to watch!

Lol I noticed that towards the end there Aaron Ross didn't seem to happy to say all of that stuff about Chase Hawk. Do you guys think he's a little jealous that Chase is getting so much attention?
C50_profilepic_1439789055 Collin_McClenahan Quote
6/1/2014 9:04 PM

Why do you care if Aaron is jealous? Do you guys literally feed off drama and need it to survive??

C50_image_1456192579 eskimojay Quote
6/1/2014 9:05 PM

Won't play on phone

C50_tops_1439789482 Stocksy Quote
6/1/2014 9:10 PM
Collin_McClenahan wrote:

Why do you care if Aaron ...more

Damn dude, chill. I just wanted to discuss it. I wouldn't say I care all that much but I do care somewhat. It's interesting. I won't beat around the bush. If this is what you call drama, then I do care about drama. I would like to come on this forum and discuss things that are BMX related. I've got no problem with discussing a little bit of drama and I'm sure many of people don't mind either.

C50_profilepic_1439789055 Collin_McClenahan Quote
6/1/2014 9:17 PM
Collin_McClenahan wrote:

Why do you care if Aaron ...more

Stocksy wrote:

Damn dude, chill. I just ...more

It makes you sound like one of those tabloids you see in the checkout line at whatever grocery store. "\I can see the headlines now "Aaron Jealous! Can't handle the attention chase is getting (p.71)" seriously. Just because one rider says something nice about another rider doesn't mean they are secretly jealous or whatever.

C50_tops_1439789482 Stocksy Quote
6/1/2014 9:27 PM
Collin_McClenahan wrote:

It makes you sound like ...more

Well if you watched the video and looked at the facial expression Ross had on his face when saying those statements, in most of them, he didn't seem too happy. I never said "Aaron Ross is definitely jealous of Chase Hawk." Not once did I say that. I said "Do you guys think he is a little jealous that Chase is getting so much attention." That's what I said.

I saw that he didn't look too happy to while saying those things so I figured I would share it on the site. I NEVER said that I thought he was jealous of Chase for sure.

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
6/2/2014 4:47 AM

Ahhh, this thread is the perfect reason I don't really post on vital anymore. Just kids starting drama, saying there's no need to make drama.

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
6/2/2014 10:30 AM

THat was a nice video.

C50_tops_1439789482 Stocksy Quote
6/2/2014 11:01 AM
T-rider wrote:

THat was a nice video.

I agree. I can't believe Chase won races on that Mongoose! Lol he had to be an amazing racer! I knew he raced before I saw the video but I didn't know he won so much!

C50_img_3642_1414886330 howlerfbm Quote
6/2/2014 6:22 PM

cool vid. nice to see where progression started. as for Mr. Ross, ill find any excuse to knock him, but i think he was being genuine at the end. i didnt really sense "jealousy" or whatever.

C50_red_kitty_640x607 Dolphin Quote
6/3/2014 12:23 AM

wrong thread oops

C50_669orqc_1393112010 ultrasonic Quote
6/3/2014 3:39 AM

that's the first time i saw this guy doing tailwhip

C50_screenshot_2014_09_24_17_37_48_1412509432 FORDBEAR7 Quote
6/3/2014 5:39 AM

Aaron has over 130k followers on instagram, he has more follewers than all other freestyle riders in the industry, I think he's fine

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