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C50_tailwhip_transfer_baiter_1382989339 DanWakefield Quote
4/22/2014 12:22 PM

Hi Everyone,

I'm just about to return to riding my bike again after a two ACL, MCL & Meniscus reconstructive surgeries, this has involved me having almost two years away from BMX!

What i'd like to know is for all those other riders out there who have had similar issues with their knees, what protection do you use when riding? Knee Braces, Knee Pads, or both? And if so what brand do you recommend?

I can't wait to get back on my bike and i've spent so much time in rehab & at the gym getting my knee back to strength so that i can ride again, but i can't go backwards and have to go through all of this again!

Thanks in advance, All the way from the UK!


C50_image_1421860014 BMX_Forever Quote
4/22/2014 12:56 PM

You said all the way from the UK but you're only about 20 miles from me haha.

Pretty much everyone I ride with has either Sixsixone or Pro-tec pads.

C50_skate_or_leave_1466620531 dave lawrence Quote
4/22/2014 12:56 PM

I have Bicycle Union gasket style knee pads for every session, occasionally I bust out the Protec Street knee pads (GIANT SIZED)

C50_hot_skater_girl17_1410915817 KrisnerBMX Quote
4/22/2014 1:11 PM

the best thing you can do is ask your doctor... 1 because he can tell you if getting a brace would help and 2 if you get a brace they will make a custom one that is much more effective. kneepads wont help for when you land awkwardly or anything like that but will help if you slide out or go to your knees or anything like that... so i think both would be the best bet but again ask your doctor he can give you the best answer for your specific situation.

C50_skate_or_leave_1466620531 dave lawrence Quote
4/22/2014 1:38 PM
KrisnerBMX wrote:

the best thing you can do ...more

They also help if you hit them on stuff, like barspins etc. Softens the blow to you which is nice.

As to braces, I rocked a basic 20-30 dollar one from Walmart or Target when I had a fluid sac form in my knee, just for added stability. It was nothing special.

But checking out what Mat Hoffman or Adam Banton rock isn't a bad idea.

C50_img_20140427_155636_1399420435 tr1x Quote
4/22/2014 2:22 PM

i have shadow super slim knee pads. they're comfortable but i was doubtful of their level of protection at first but after falling straight to my knees a few times with them on and not feeling a thing, i'd say they're pretty decent.

C50_avy2 sbc785 Quote
4/22/2014 3:55 PM

I've torn my ACL and MCL in both knees, never got operated on, I wear EVS Axis Pro kneebraces for motocross but you can get the EVS Webs or even the EVS SX02's and be alright.

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