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C50_image_1388732653 SickDude Quote
12/6/2012 9:49 PM

I just learned how to form 180s, but whenever I fakie, I don't know how to cab out. Do you guys have any tips or tutorials on these
BTW thanks guys for your help on 180s

C50_image_1396922041 bmxfromma Quote
12/7/2012 1:44 PM

technically a fakie, but this still helped me a lot How to Fakie
hope this helps

C50_s780_street_bmx_faces andyferly Quote
12/7/2012 2:07 PM

Press harder on your pedals and try to kinda nose dive
That's how i do them

C50_img_0811_1411147237 Vik Quote
12/7/2012 6:24 PM

if you dont have regular roll outs down, dont try other styles of fakies.

C50_image1 yaya2893 Quote
12/7/2012 9:53 PM

step 1: fukin jump
step 2: spin your fukin direction
step 3: land on da groung
step 4: peddal tha fuckk backwords
step 5: u fukin done
i hope i helped you you fukin asshole i hope you fall trying your 180s and split your head open so your brains fall out all over the ground you fuker

C50_image_1388732653 SickDude Quote
12/7/2012 9:57 PM
yaya2893 wrote:

First off YOU DUM ...more


C50_1058585_172146412967788_1686129966_n_1372504695 jake-loves-to-ride Quote
12/7/2012 10:25 PM

I learnt cabs before fakies, I learnt them on a 30KG Mongoose, So it shouldn't be too hard.. You want to reverse your 180. Which is carving like a normal 180, but going backwards... It's just two exactly the same 180's but just you have to pedal to get out of it while hoping...? It's more simple than a damn fakie lol.

C50_image1 yaya2893 Quote
12/7/2012 10:27 PM

idiot CuNt

C50_2 biobruce Quote
12/8/2012 2:23 AM

take your chain off then u have to cab out haha

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