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C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/20/2014 10:46 PM

Hey so instead of making new a new thread I just edited my bar rise one, anyways my sprocket is tight as he'll nearly stripped my bolt given er hell but it still moves? When I turn my cranks until it's hard to turn because of the chain tight spot I pull the chain together and the sprocket moves and the tight spot will be somewhere else? Lol it had spacers and everything any ideas?

C50_image_1378092142 Chuck8273 Quote
3/20/2014 10:54 PM

P-10's and a challenger were the perfect combo for me. I'm 6'0, and I also ended up making the switch to a 22" now my other muscle groups have a chance to get sore without my back being jacked for days.

C50_img_3271_1469850311 sundaybmxRR Quote
3/20/2014 11:17 PM

For topload stem you could try the Subrosa Highlife stem, highest rise out of all the topload stems out there right now I think, at 36mm

C50_transition_fb_logo_1388275345 transition_chris Quote
3/20/2014 11:34 PM

Bigger bars or a top load stem might help, but there isn't exactly a bar size chart according to height. I would just take a look at how much rise you have now and decide how much taller you think you would feel comfortable with and give it a shot.

Have you been riding during the winter? Did you feel this pain last summer? You may just be out of shape from the long Canadian winter.

I know a great rider with back issues that swears by Pilates to help stretch his back out. Might want to give something like that a try!

C50_fb_picture_1177779123 Gump Quote
3/20/2014 11:39 PM

What's your current set up bars, stem, fork steerer length at the moment.

Also with back pain I've found it really helps to do some stretches before riding it helps loosen up tight muscle groups which can be the cause of the pain.

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
3/21/2014 4:25 AM

9.5 ride and tl.

C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face Quote
3/21/2014 8:07 AM


C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 9:37 AM

Not sure of the bar size or fork size lol here's a pic of the spacers and flipped stem tho

C50_skate_or_leave_1466620531 dave lawrence Quote
3/21/2014 9:37 AM

I am 6 feet tall and run 8.5s with a front load upside-down and several spacers on an uncut fork. My back still sometimes hurts, but that is because I have back issues, and I am getting older.

But seriously, stretch, do some other exercises as well. Strengthen your core muscles too, that will help a TON.

C50_image_1378092142 Chuck8273 Quote
3/21/2014 10:24 AM
dave lawrence wrote:

I am 6 feet tall and run ...more

You're not old yet Dave.

As stated above, stretch before you ride, and if you ride a few miles to the spot, stretch before you start doing any harder riding. Also, it helps to know the type of back pain you're having. Muscle pain sucks but can usually be avoided or fixed. Actual bad disc type back pain is a whole different deal, and you should def talk to a Dr.

C50_lightlion_1398653981 Topsey Quote
3/21/2014 10:31 AM

Get Yourself a Fork with a Longer Steerer Tube, Something like 170, 175mm. A Shadow Conspiracy Grande Headset Cap so You aren't running a 1000 & 1 Spacers, An Upload Stem. Like A Shadow Chula, Subrosa High Life, Fit High Top, etc. & then Something like Fit Skyscraper, Shadow Vultus 9"/9.5", Tree Moto 9"/9.5", S&M Hoder High 9", Basically a 9" to 9.5" Bar with the Upload Stem & Grande Cap Your Bars Are Gunna Be HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!!!!!

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 10:46 AM

I do stretches every single time I ride before I ride I spend about 10 mins stretching and getting my body ready, and it's a pain in my lower back really hurts bad at end of the day also I'm not sure what my tt length is so that could also be a problem lol

C50_132498910_1288141411 sketchytravis Quote
3/21/2014 11:02 AM
dave lawrence wrote:

I am 6 feet tall and run ...more

this^ core muscle is a major player.

C50_mexican_zoidberg_avatar_picture_12392_1367775905 adamnmexican Quote
3/21/2014 11:09 AM
C50_transition_fb_logo_1388275345 transition_chris Quote
3/21/2014 11:11 AM

Nice stickers by the way!! :D

C50_tobes2_1409502756 notorious NIG Quote
3/21/2014 11:18 AM

I'm 6' 2" and ride Primo 9" w/ topload (Freeze) and just 1 spacer. It feels pretty good, but I add another spacer as soon as I can find one.

C50_skate_or_leave_1466620531 dave lawrence Quote
3/21/2014 12:08 PM
Dennon21 wrote:

I do stretches every ...more

Don't just stretch before riding, actually start doing so daily, do light exercises as well.

When I threw my back out, it was 3 days before I could legitimately stand decently. Took me about 2 months before I could ride ok, and if I tried a whip, I would throw it out again.

Took me a while to ride comfortably. I recommend that you go to a doctor to find out what the exact cause is, taller bars might not help. You might need something else all together.

For me it would be a year or so of 3X a week chiro visits AND PT to get myself back in decent shape, without riding. I learned to take it easier, ride differently, and sit differently on chairs and such. No more slouching for me.

C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider Quote
3/21/2014 3:01 PM

Get a high rise top load.

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 3:18 PM

Was biking today and could actually notice a difference in how high my bars are lol!! They are fucking high!! So if this doesn't work then it's def other problems, thanks guys!

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 3:19 PM
transition_chris wrote:

Nice stickers by the way!! ...more

Yeah they look super good! Lol thanks again chris!!

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 5:51 PM

Bumpity bump

C50_fb_picture_1177779123 Gump Quote
3/21/2014 5:59 PM

So does the sprocket sit flush on Your spindle? If not sounds like you need a tophat washer.

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 6:10 PM

Here's some pics of all the components on that side I think the "top hat spacer"? Is to big it has wiggle room while on the spindle and it also wiggles a little bit while in the sprocket? I need a top hat that's smaller on the sprocket but bigger in the sprocket?

C50_fb_picture_1177779123 Gump Quote
3/21/2014 6:24 PM

Could you please take a pic of the sprocket off the arm with the top hat installed and then another pic with the spindle in the top hat please.

Roughly looking it looks like it should all be fine but I'll be able to tell after those other pics if you can do them

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 6:35 PM

It doesn't look like it but there is a little play while in the sprocket and while on the spindle about the same amount of play that the sprocket has lol

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 6:36 PM

And yes it's a gt but mine broke and it was free so whatever lol

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 7:32 PM

So I used tape to snug it up so now it's how it should be but in the long run do I just get a new top hat washer? Also tight spot in chain is gone!

C50_deviant_blackbg_logo_1374856568 DeviantBMX123 Quote
3/21/2014 7:40 PM

make sure that you tighten the crank arm first THEN tighten the sprocket bolt.

C50_fb_picture_1177779123 Gump Quote
3/21/2014 7:45 PM

That looks fine so that's not your problem. Does the top hat washer stick out past the sprocket? Like the small end extends out past the face of the sprocket? If it does that could cause the movement In the sprocket

C50 Dennon21 Quote
3/21/2014 7:58 PM

No it was the top hat being too big I was right, as soon as I snugged it up with tape it stopped moving and the tight spot is gone so yay lol also tighten it after it's on the spindle?

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