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C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/17/2013 7:58 AM

Hey whats up this is my bike.
Its a X-Games Freestyle 900.....this is my pride and joy.
This is a Gt frame that is no longer sold.
Everything is still stock except the right brake handle.
My phone has all the pictures so i surfed the web and found a store photo.
Sorry About the picture size.

ALSO the pegs are "stubs" and were put on the back.

C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/17/2013 8:00 AM

I think im going to change the sprocket to a Flatware Sprocket. and Thermalite everything i can on it.

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
1/17/2013 5:10 PM

You should just get a new bike.

C50_capture_1 Sharpy Quote
1/17/2013 5:44 PM

I hate to say this, but it really is not that good.

C50_lol DillonMotoX Quote
1/17/2013 6:13 PM
Sharpy wrote:

I hate to say this, but it ...more

It's his pride and joy.

But I agree.

C50_capture_1 Sharpy Quote
1/17/2013 9:41 PM
Sharpy wrote:

I hate to say this, but it ...more

DillonMotoX wrote:

It's his pride and joy.


Yeah thats fair enough

C50_img_8820 element4all Quote
1/18/2013 6:05 AM

sensing troll

C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/18/2013 7:40 AM

Yeah i know its an old heavy set bmx but its sturdy and reliable

C50_hoilday_valley Goomba846 Quote
1/18/2013 8:51 AM

please remove this right now you scrub

C50_funny_cute_animal_pics_part59_5_1371701400 tito24 Quote
1/18/2013 10:11 AM
element4all wrote:

sensing troll


C50_247700_566539893368714_435258038_n_1381270920 FXAudioRage Quote
1/18/2013 10:17 AM
Goomba846 wrote:

please remove this right ...more

Someone doesn't know how to read between the lines. @3@

C50_cam00406_02_1375208448 sunny.noble Quote
1/18/2013 3:31 PM

8 months ago I could relate. I had a custom Supercycle haha

C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/23/2013 7:52 AM

Well anyways after the obvious troll. The bike is in good shape. I want to keep the frame. Any suggestions on part that i should put on? Any certain brand? Like I said though i was thinking about just getting thermalite for all the parts that i could find.

C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/23/2013 7:57 AM

my motherfucking point exactly! If I need to get banned cause I am calling out all these mother fuckers myself so fucking be it!

C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/23/2013 8:00 AM

Save our time and ride it until you get a job, hit the lotto, or you get some form of money, and buy a new bike off danscomp that is a REAL FREESTYLE bike! Like a FIT or a SUNDAY!!!!!

C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/23/2013 8:04 AM

This is an old yet Real freestyle bike. GT made this frame.

C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/23/2013 8:08 AM

bro, you've been on here for a month, only have 8 posts! Do a little research! you obviously have the time cause you made this pointless post! Research parts on Danscomp, read reviews! I don't ask about a products let alone BUY it unless I know every little detail about it!

C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/23/2013 8:12 AM
C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/23/2013 8:14 AM

OMFG I give no fucks

C50_march_hare TheMarchHare Quote
1/24/2013 7:33 AM

Then don't post on the thread.

C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/24/2013 8:37 AM
TheMarchHare wrote:

Then don't post on the ...more

Then don't post on the thread.

C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/24/2013 3:12 PM
C50_randy_wise_automotive_team Quote
1/24/2013 3:13 PM

Then don't post on this thread.

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