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C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/8/2012 6:17 AM

Frame: Fly luna v3
Fork: Guerra bane
Bars: Hoffman bama
Headset: Amber
Stem: Ezra
Grips: Odi longneck
Barends: Odi/parend
Seat: Odyssey sr. 2
Cranks: Primo powerbites
Pedals: Fly ruben pc
Bb: Fly 22mm
Sprocket: Tree 28t
Chain: Kmc 510hx


Shitty stock for now
Tire: Fit faf 2.25
Pegs: Shadow x2

Hub: Gsport ratchet
Spokes: Odyssey
Rim: Gsport rollcage
Guards: Dsg/ratchet guard
Tire: Odyssey dirtpath 2.20
Pegs: Primo x2 (shitty)
C50_best_ass_1371978891 justin vogelsberger Quote
11/8/2012 6:19 AM

if you had black stem and rims i would love this

C50_shes_got_legs_for_days_30_photos14_1401072393_1401076043 Brokenbmx Quote
11/8/2012 6:34 AM

not to bad, i hate this wrist band shit.

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/8/2012 7:46 AM

Justin- i have a chrome rim to lace up for the front, and a black stem may happen but for rite now im happy with my blue one.

Broken- thanks, the wristband has been there forever and im kinda indifferent about it about it at this point.

C50_sup_giraffe Nike iD Quote
11/8/2012 1:25 PM

Polish the stem and match the chrome rim then it'll be gorgeous! Also check my bike check same frame and forks! haha

C50_pic BMX4Lyfee Quote
11/8/2012 5:03 PM

I want yo frame

C50_360_out_of_the_bank_wackford_1449123362 isnowyaznV2 Quote
11/8/2012 6:03 PM
Brokenbmx wrote:

not to bad, i hate this ...more

I just thought about putting one on my bike today too. xD

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/8/2012 7:36 PM
Nike iD wrote:

Polish the stem and match ...more

I really love your bike, i may have saved a pic of it haha.

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/8/2012 7:36 PM
BMX4Lyfee wrote:

I want yo frame

Sorry man, i think im gunna keep it

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/16/2012 9:48 PM


C50_president_bush_eats_kitten_1259 Rstar Quote
11/17/2012 4:58 AM

once you get a chrome rim and a chrome stem It will be perfect

C50_fed_cartoon_00 whocares Quote
11/17/2012 8:47 AM

The stem is fine. I like the look of having a single part that sticks out. As soon as the chrome front rim is on, your bike will be on point.

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/17/2012 9:58 AM
whocares wrote:

The stem is fine. I like ...more

Finally someone who understands me lol, i like the blue because it clashes but not enough to stick out like a soar thumb.
I really do need to lace the front rim.

C50_156122_3654809522987_1057026871_3197179_154111304_n mrjimyjohn Quote
11/18/2012 7:33 PM
Nike iD wrote:

Polish the stem and match ...more

This. I love the color of that frame though.

C50_sup_giraffe Nike iD Quote
11/18/2012 8:05 PM
Thomas_Kerrigan wrote:

I really love your bike, i ...more

Haha thanks bro, when are you gonna lace that wheel?

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/20/2012 7:18 AM
Nike iD wrote:

Polish the stem and match ...more

Thomas_Kerrigan wrote:

I really love your bike, i ...more

Nike iD wrote:

Haha thanks bro, when are ...more

No problamo man, i wish my bike looked half as good as yours when my frame was brown. I had the chrome rim in front laced but it was a shitty pbr and i killed it in a week, so the black wheel is back. I'm hoping to buy another chrome gsport sometime before christmas.

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
11/20/2012 7:21 AM
Nike iD wrote:

Polish the stem and match ...more

mrjimyjohn wrote:

This. I love the color of ...more

Thanks man, the color was kinda a spur of the moment decision but i think it turned out pretty sick!

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
12/9/2012 9:25 PM

Bump for shits and giggles....:0

C50_img_2577_1392780808 sketo Quote
12/10/2012 8:34 AM

I like it! The stem accents it kinda. Get a chrome front rim though, and it will be perf. And btw i love your box thingy in the background, if you have the chance could you get better pics of it, because i have been wanting to build something like that.

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
12/10/2012 9:01 AM
sketo wrote:

I like it! The stem ...more

Thanks bro, i really do need to get a chrome front rim, its been driving me crazy for months now but i haven't had the cash unfortunately. Im not really feeling the blue stem anymore so Im thinking black stem and chrome bars after christmas. As for the box sure ill take some pics next time i go to my friends house.

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
12/20/2012 10:55 AM

Your bike is really nice, get a black marm with black spokes and nipples to a chrome sport and it will be perfect.

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
12/20/2012 10:56 AM

Oh and how are the forks? Picking a pair up next week.

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
12/25/2012 5:15 PM
FreddyDapice wrote:

Oh and how are the forks? ...more

Sorry about the late reply, i got a odsy vandero 2 and i just ordered chrome a chrome rollcage, I'm kinda excited haha. You'll have no issues with these forks; I've been beatin' the crap out them during grinds for close to 6 months now, and they haven't missed a beat.

Edit: Bump for new parts soon!!!!!!!

C50_image_1376877717 justin.martin.545 Quote
12/25/2012 6:46 PM
justin vogelsberger wrote:

if you had black stem and ...more

When you build one you can build it any color you would like.

C50_image_1376877717 justin.martin.545 Quote
12/25/2012 6:48 PM

Nice one. Not a fan of ezra get the Tree stem! Tree has a Prototype 6 bolt stem have you seen it yet? Its look like it will be on my bike when it comes out!

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
12/28/2012 4:19 PM
justin.martin.545 wrote:

Nice one. Not a fan of ...more

Thanks a bunch man, thanks to the info you gave me, I'm pretty sure there will be a tree stem in my future. I saw the interbike vid where Sam Schulte was talking about the 6-bolt stem and it looks soo boss, but i don't want to wait lol.

C50_capture_1 Sharpy Quote
1/4/2013 5:05 PM

Need another black hoop and it would be sick!

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
1/9/2013 12:23 PM

Bump for new bike check very soon!

C50_lol DillonMotoX Quote
1/9/2013 12:26 PM

What's the new bike? BTM?

C50_image_1389166302 Thomas_Kerrigan Quote
1/9/2013 7:18 PM
DillonMotoX wrote:

What's the new bike? BTM?

Nope same fly, i got a bunch of new parts though.

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