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C50_elf noendinsight666 Quote
2/17/2014 7:11 PM

paypal ready
all colors are great

original jumpoff stems
and toploads

from animal

e-mail me for fastest response but yeah! i'll buy em up

C50_image ecuadevil Quote
2/17/2014 7:52 PM

Animal mr TL blue text me if your down

C50_img_0884 FreddyDapice Quote
2/18/2014 7:00 AM

Mint black remix. Not a single scratch. Text me if interested.

C50_elf noendinsight666 Quote
2/18/2014 2:45 PM
FreddyDapice wrote:

Mint black remix. Not a ...more

i can get all the new stems from animal easily, i'm just looking for old stock dudes.

C50_elf noendinsight666 Quote
2/18/2014 2:46 PM

thanks though!

C50_img_3642_1414886330 howlerfbm Quote
2/18/2014 6:56 PM

There's a couple og jumpoffs on bmxmuseum.

C50_elf noendinsight666 Quote
2/19/2014 1:59 PM
howlerfbm wrote:

There's a couple og ...more

i snagged the one. thanks man. might even grab the other haha

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