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Updated photo album warm weather riding 5/25/2015 8:02 PM
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Added reply in a thread How to take apart a Odyssey/Sunday female front hub 5/24/2015 9:39 PM

You most certainly can grease sealed bearings. Just pop the seals off, clean the dirt and shit out of there, and grease it up. I like taking a flat head screw driver and dipping the tip into some grease then into the bearing cause that makes it easier ... more »

Added reply in a thread colony oil sick burna frame 5/21/2015 4:16 PM

Enough with your negative posts, knock it off.

Added reply in a thread should i buy this bike 5/21/2015 1:00 PM

He doesn't even live here either. Just 2 months he lived in Kansas and "just moved there". I guess 9 year olds on the internet thinking "trolling" is actually just changing their location to other peoples locations & pretending they live there now. ... more »

Added reply in a thread what is best freecoaster for street?? 5/21/2015 12:29 PM

Did you really have to bump a 7 year old thread just to tell everyone that…?

Added reply in a thread Ur top 3 riders 5/20/2015 1:24 PM

Oh is that so? If we went to the same high school, what school was that? Also, remember our assistant principal? Which one was the fatfuck chubby one all the bikers used to piss off in the morning? Also, what's my name and if we rode back in highschool ... more »

Added reply in a thread Hub driver question 5/19/2015 7:35 PM

According to Danscomp, Odyssey drivers (Not Antigram ones) will fit. Empire seems to be the only place that has one in a 10t option, Danscomp has one too but only in LHD I think unless you need LHD Empire- http://www.empirebmx.com/odyssey-cassette-driver ... more »

Added reply in a thread 270 Tire taps vs 3s 5/19/2015 7:18 PM

Can confirm, I tried flat 360s when I first tried learning them, could only manage 360 tire taps... Always assumed doing them out of banks was harder for some reason, guess I thought going faster made them harder but in reality it's just the opposite. ... more »

Added reply in a thread what kind of fit forks are this. 5/19/2015 6:57 PM

Definitely Fit Blade Lite forks

As for the color, that's your choice not ours.

Added reply in a thread New Odyssey Rider 5/18/2015 6:57 PM


Added reply in a thread Best PSI for Street Riding 5/17/2015 1:59 PM

That's your preference. I ride about 40-45 MAX in the front, 50-55 MAX in the rear, even though mine go up to 110 max. That's just my preference though. I don't zip around bowls or anything like that so it doesn't make that big a difference to me unless ... more »

Added reply in a thread Fly frames 5/16/2015 8:49 AM

Older ones pre 2010(I think) were solid, then everyone broke or cracked the 2010-2013 frames… No idea about the recent 2014-2015 years as that's just a guess on the years people had issues with. I don't think I know anyone with a newer Fly frame that ... more »

Added reply in a thread Best metal pegs 5/14/2015 8:21 PM

Some pegs are butted or machined internally more than others, usually to save a miniscule amount of weight, that's why some cost $20ish and others are cheaper. Not to mention heat treating costs. I'd say pick up some Animal pegs if you can find them. ... more »

Added reply in a thread LOL Lorson 5/14/2015 1:29 PM

screenshotting so he can't delete it.

Added reply in a thread LOL Lorson 5/14/2015 12:33 PM

He posted posted on Tony Hamlin's instagram the other day saying like "so all you need to do to ride for merrit is be able to 180 bar and do a few grind combos???" he promptly deleted his comments after being called out but I saw them lolol

... more »

Added reply in a thread Dans comp messed up my order, Albes fixed it... 5/13/2015 10:01 PM

I wonder how something like that even happens.. Danscomp employee- "Boss, we have an order for 36 purple nipples but we only have 35 purple nipples.. Wat do?" Boss- "Just toss a black one in there, hopefully he's colorblind and doesn't realize." I don't ... more »

Added reply in a thread An eastern frame with the serial# nt205?? 5/13/2015 9:12 PM

Could be a Night Tramp, 20.5" TT judging just from the serial number. Post pics. or compare it to this

Added reply in a thread Funny When Cult First Started 5/13/2015 12:00 PM

I remember when it all happened and I heard Dak, Hawk & Dehart left Fit. I was like holy shit I was one of the few people who never talked shit on Cult from the start.

Added reply in a thread Dk frame with euro bottom bracket 5/12/2015 8:55 PM

Don't think it's a General Lee. Can you post the serial number? Probably on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell. Sometimes they have a clue as to what the frame is in them

Added reply in a thread Regarding Animal... 5/12/2015 6:32 PM

I'm more worried that they won't be making parts anymore and will be a clothing only kind of thing with the riders on Animal not benefiting from any of this at all. As long as they're still getting a paycheck and parts are getting made, I'd be fine with ... more »