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Too many times to count... When I land a clean trick that feels badass I'll be pumped as hell on it, like my downside whip line from the other week really pumped me up. Other times it'll just be riding with a group of really chill people and everyone's ... more »

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I find this offensive please remove your comment from the internet because I, a single person, find it offensive and even though others like or don't mind it, it needs to be removed so no one else enjoys something that offends me! -Everyone in 2015. ... more »

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Well... I was going to say it should since they're both Fit, but the 2.4" size FAF tires weren't around when Hawk was still on Fit I don't think. I know the 2.25"s are and their inflated width according to Danscomp is 2.36" while the 2.4" tires are 2.44", ... more »

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Riding it when it's really out of true can damage the rim if it's real bad... So I'd advise against it unless it's already pretty beat up. Most out of true wheel I'd ridden would be either my stock rear Haro wheel or my first custom, Poverty cassette ... more »

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If they're the factory ones, they should stay on aside from the edges that are peeling. What I do when I wanna keep the sticker but don't want that edge to keep peeling is just take a razor and slice that edge off. Cleaning it should be fine as long ... more »

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Those are caliper brakes, they mount to the seat stay bridge if there's a hole pre-drilled for it... If your frame doesn't have that, then they won't fit

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Stickers I would say no. I've been given stickers multiple times, I would call that "being hooked up with free stickers" Being sent care packages with small parts or clothing along with stickers, that I would classify as sponsored but not pro/am/flow. ... more »

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What frame? It could have a warranty that's why I ask. I would say save up for a Sunday but you need a frame asap so try seeing if anyone in the for sale section has a decent frame for sale or anyone you know, it's a long shot for something good for ... more »

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Nope, if they're peeling around the edges though they might start to, and the peeled parts won't stick again. If they're crappy paper stickers they probably will though or at least look real shitty and bubbly when you're done. I use sunlite polish on ... more »

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Update for anyone who cares... So, turns out my Cult hub was machined wrong. The fuck, how do I have that shitty of luck haha. Wasn't the hub shell this time, the axle is threaded wrong, almost like it was threaded at an angle because any bolt that goes ... more »

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That photo Albes posted... Hell yeah! I remember seeing that years ago. But sick he's already dialing in hang nothings and rail rides! He's a shredder already

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? Honestly Fly has been pretty mehh these last couple of years. And of course they're doing a 24mm spindle this year too -_______- Must be why they've changed to a Mid BB though. All the Fly cranks I've ... more »

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I agree with everything said here. First off, as Dave said, the tubing would need flared and that would cost more probably making bars (which some of are already in the $80 area) cost in the $100 region, maybe more. Or come out with grips with retardedly ... more »

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Best piece of advice I was ever told about a month or 2 into riding- "It doesn't matter how good you are or what you can do, just ride and it's all good." That really stuck with me and it should with you too, don't worry about whether or not you can ... more »

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Lotek... Reeves specifically. The newer ones are amazing but the insoles of the older ones kinda sucked. The newer ones (The ones that just came out last year) are fucking amazing... I rode my last pair from the last week of November 2014-Just a few ... more »

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Yes! That video skyrocketed my passion for bmx when I first saw it floating around on MySpace. In no order, I can't choose. Sean Burns' Anthem II & Dead Bang parts Van Homan's Fit Life, Stay Fit, Holy Fit & of course Criminal Mischief parts Steven ... more »

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Paging Kyle Carlson. At least I think that's who the shots were fired at. I remember seeing a post about it on Twitter.

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This. It might be impossible to fit the cone spacers on there anyway if the BB shell is too wide. I was able to fit both my cone spacers but some people cannot have both on there cause it will mess with their chain alignment for one, or take up too much ... more »

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Yeah, all it's doing is creating drag against the sprocket and not allowing the cranks to spin as fast.

I've never done this though personally cause I don't have that problem when I whip and I like my cranks to spin very fast, but I imagine ... more »

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Try them clockwise. My whips are the opposite of yours, I whip clockwise and footjam whip counterclockwise so I would try them clockwise and just see how it works out