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Dave mirra was the reason why I rode he's a childhood hero to me in for me to get a chance to meet him was honor in itself thank you Dave for the motivation I currently have the 2003 Haro mirra pro i won several trophies cash prizes

With the bike being out of commission now I'm going to try and make it run again after that I will ride that bike one last time

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Unreal just unreal......... Dave was a beast on his bike, I'm a firm believer that when any riders bike is built and dialed in with time and love it takes on a certain soul and heart and becomes more then just metal and parts..... imagine the souls this man Dave Mirra has built up over the years... I grew up on turning on espnxgames as a14yr old in 96ish not knowing about haro and Hoffman anything yet seeing Dave rip shit up on yellow blammo 4 pegs gyro front brakes and kneesaver bars, I said right there that is the sickest shit I've ever seen IM DOING THAT!
Dave , I owe you soooo much thanks for changing my life then and solidifying my riding future to come You were a true savage on 2 pedals RIde in peace Man

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From me and my brother and group of friends thank you Dave, your style was 100% Unique and Original and the Mirracle Boy and Nyquist was one of the best things I have seen and continue to see thank you you were one of the most humble people out there. When my little brother asked you for an Autograph at the Vans Triple Crown in Oceanside you asked him if he knew who you were and he said the guy that rode for Haro you brushed his hair and smiled. You will be missed the Boss Dave Mirra!

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