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Sounds good, but going down anything fast, yeah, I wouldn't know how to save myself. It's literally a split second before you get thrown off the bike.

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Why not just go with standard gearing? It's always harder to find offset gear ratios.

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I hope mine doesn't do this. It's only 2 weeks old. I know they need maintenance, but I hate taking my wheels off my bike, so....

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As far as I know, just don't submerge your entire frame in water constantly and you should be fine. I don't know how deteriorating rust actually is, but surface rust should be fine, and can be removed quickly only right after it occurs. If you care about ... more »

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I'd happily find some Cult Dehart tires and Primo Hula Hoop rims for you to work on. You'll want to kill yourself before it's over. At some point, I remember literally almost crying trying to take off tires on the fattest tire beads and tallest rim sidewalls. ... more »

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I always do that, at least a quarter crank before hitting things. I was hopping up the 4 set, so maybe my foot moved backwards and offsetted the slack. I guess I could take a super quick quarter crank again sometime before tricks if I don't have to move ... more »

Started new thread Accidentally engaging freecoaster going backwards 4/26/2016 10:05 PM

As the title states, I accidentally engaged my freecoaster hub going backwards down a 4 set. Needless to say, I was not expecting to be thrown off the bike and I thought my feet kept slipping off my pedals at first. I ride a Primo Freemix and the slack ... more »

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I've never had a drive side bearing like that. Never seen one literally behind the entire ratchet ring either. And I thought the ratchet ring was just a ring on the outer side and had nothing to do with the hub bearing seats. I have no clue, but if Proper ... more »

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Been riding for almost 5 full years now and still can't 3 clean. I have dialed tricks, but I really want to get more technical. I've gotten more serious in the last 2 years or so, but it's definitely not still enough at all. I now wear shin guards and ... more »

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Sometimes, it's the tire bead size or the rim sidewall height that makes tires a bitch to take on and off. This is why I have like 4-5 plastic tire levers on me all the time when I have tools. They're the Bell ones sold in pairs and the generic ones ... more »

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Pictures of the setup?

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Sounds good. I'm almost there as well. FB contacting maybe?

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Grinding unprotected with that sprocket, eh? I grind on my right and I'm used to it, so I'd rather have my switch grinding side without a guard sprocket.

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I keep updating my bike check over and over on here and I think I honestly have like 7 legit bike checks, which are the only times I take legit pictures for bike checks. Otherwise, I take random pictures here and there. Otherwise, I'd have like 50+ bike ... more »

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I hate shit like this with a passion, yet I feel like 2% bad for how they don't cringe at how they are.

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Took a 600mg ibuprofen pill a day after, and 3 days later now and I'm easing it back into riding. YES More like rushing myself into it and aggravating my injuries, but I never learn my lessons with injuries. I also have a habit of picking at scabs too... ... more »

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Text me about the frame. (916)430-nine496

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I'm interested. Text me. (916)430-nine496

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Let's see pictures of your crank set up. Lol "nuclear war" How bad could they possibly be..?

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For me, the paintjob speaks for it all, unless something really stands out, which I haven't found. I like simply chainstay and seatstay bridges. I love seafoam green, teal, turquoise... But any unique trans colored frame, I will also really dig. I'm

... more »