Chuck's '12 Kink Transition 1

Frame: KinkTransition
Fork: KinkStrife
Handlebars: FiendTeam. Misc.: 8.5"
Bar ends: OdysseyPar Ends
Stem: KinkBold Stem FL. Misc.: 54mm
Grips: OdysseyAaron Ross
Cranks: MaderaProtocol HT
Sprocket: KinkBedlam
Chain: KMC510HX
Pedals: PremiumPlastic Thin
Brake levers: MissionCaptive
Brakes: MissionReflex
Brake cables: MissionLinear
Seat: OdysseyAitken
Seatpost: Mission
Front rim: EasternDiode
Rear rim: EasternDiode
Driver/freewheel: Eastern
Front hub: EasternVenus
Rear hub: EasternVenus
Front tire: FitF.A.F. 2.25. Misc.: Folding
Rear tire: FitF.A.F. 1.95
General Info
Model Year: 2012
Weight: 24 lb 0 oz (10886 g)
Additional Info: Pictures don't show new crank and sprocket.

Vital BMX member chuckt808 chuckt808 12/4/2012 2:12 PM

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Nice bike! the high seat would look better if you angled it back one more click IMO. I have the same bike, but 2013 model and it's so nice and the geometry is awesome. I also had the same stem in 50mm but I just sold it to a friend. Your wheels are better than mine since I didn't replace them. I am running 8.25 Lynx bars with 2 spacers and a 48mm Profile Push topload myself. Those Fiend bars are pretty similar to the Kinks actually. I also have my brakes on! LOVE doing fufanus and abubacas.
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