Thomas Noel's Bike Check 2014

Frame: WeThePeople2011 Sleepless
Fork: OdysseyDirector. Misc.: Now I have Primo Strand V2... Way better fork. Better looking.
Handlebars: RedlineMonster. Misc.: You would think Redline is not a good choice but their cranks and bars are great!
Bar ends: ODILongneck
Stem: FitHigh Top. Misc.: Tallest stem out there. Buy it.
Grips: ODILongneck
Headset: OtherImpact. Misc.: Headset really dosnt really matter as long as it does the job.
Cranks: FitIndent 19mm. Misc.: I broke these cranks once, then warrantied them. Got the new cranks, broke them within 6 months. Now they have 2 welds on the right crank arm and 1 weld on the left.
Bottom bracket: OtherBSD
Spindle: Fit19mm
Sprocket: OdysseyChase Hawk
Chain: KMCHalf Link
Pedals: OtherCult. Misc.: Drilled some screws in the pedals only on one side. Ultimate grip but it wears your shoes out quick.
Seat: FiendJJ V2. Misc.: Best seat ever.
Seatpost: AnimalPivital. Misc.: Doesnt really matter as long as the color is right and its the length you prefer.
Seatpost clamp: S&MIntegrated
Front rim: Eclat
Rear rim: OdysseyV3
Front hub: Shadow ConspiracyRaptor
Rear hub: Shadow ConspiracyRaptor
Hub guard: Shadow Conspiracy. Misc.: All 4 guards.
Front tire: CultDehart 2.35. Misc.: GUMMY
Rear tire: CultDehart 2.35. Misc.: Gummy
Pegs: OtherFit OG. Misc.: All 4 pegs
General Info
Model Year: 2013
Weight: 23 lb 0 oz (10433 g)
Additional Info: This is my favorite setup. Solid. Reliable. Smooth. Everything you want for a bike. Not even a tight spot in the chain. Custom Froth sticker, #AdamLZ Follow me on Instagram @thom_bmx

Vital BMX member Thomas Noel Thomas Noel 1/8/2014 4:00 PM

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