Papi Dan's Sunday 1

Frame: SundayForecaster
Fork: PrimoStrand V2
Handlebars: AnimalPiff 2. Misc.: 23.5 inches wide
Bar ends: OdysseyPar ends
Stem: OdysseyTDFL. Misc.: 45 mm
Grips: ODILongnecks. Misc.: From crossbar to bar end length
Headset: FSA. Misc.: Impact
Cranks: OdysseyThunderbolts. Misc.: 175 mm
Bottom bracket: OtherBlacklist
Spindle: Odyssey. Misc.: 22mm
Sprocket: AnimalM5. Misc.: 28 t
Chain: KMCKool Chain
Pedals: Shadow ConspiracyRavager Plastic
Brake levers: Other. Misc.: My legs
Brakes: Other. Misc.: My Shoes
Detangler: Other. Misc.: My belt
Brake cables: Other. Misc.: My shoelaces
Brake accessories: Other. Misc.: A trampoline and a kitty litter box
Seat: OdysseyPrincipal/Gary Young
Seatpost: Animal. Misc.: Pivotal
Seatpost clamp: Sunday
Front rim: Odyssey. Misc.: Hazard Lt
Rear rim: Odyssey. Misc.: Hazard Lt
Driver/freewheel: Odyssey. Misc.: 9t
Front hub: Odyssey. Misc.: Vandero 2
Rear hub: Odyssey. Misc.: V3
Hub guard: BSD. Misc.: A Primo on the driveside and 2 Odyssey Vandero 2s the front
Chain tensioner: Other. Misc.: Mongoose Pro
Front tire: OdysseyPath K lyte,2.10
Rear tire: OdysseyPath K lyte,2.10
Pegs: OdysseyJoysticks X 3. Misc.: And a Kink OG on the non drive side
General Info
Model Year: 2012
Weight: NaN lb NaN oz (0 g)
Additional Info: My bike is sexy as fuck

Vital BMX member Papi Dan Papi Dan 8/4/2010 6:43 AM

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