Skavenger Tunnel / Evel Knievel Tribute BMX 14

Frame: SkavengerTunnel, Vinny S.. Misc.: Custom paint / Polished Chrome
Fork: FitSHIV II. Misc.: Chrome
Handlebars: S&MSlam XLT. Misc.: Chrome
Stem: OdysseyElementry Stem. Misc.: Aluminum
Grips: A'MEBlock. Misc.: Black
Headset: Animal. Misc.: Gold/Intergrated
Cranks: ProfileRetro, 3rd gen. GDH. Misc.: 175mm
Bottom bracket: ProfileMid. Misc.: Polished
Spindle: ProfileTitanium. Misc.: Titanium
Sprocket: ProfileSpline Drive. Misc.: Aluminum / Silver
Chain: DKHalf Link. Misc.: Silver
Pedals: TiogaMono-Block. Misc.: Chrome
Brake levers: OdysseyM2 Lever Small. Misc.: Chrome
Brakes: FlyClassico. Misc.: Aluminum / silver
Detangler: Othernone
Brake cables: OdysseyLinear. Misc.: Chrome
Seat: FitP.C.P. Padded. Misc.: Black / Custom Paint
Seatpost: AnimalPivotal / Stub. Misc.: Custom / polished
Front rim: Odyssey7KA. Misc.: Chrome
Rear rim: Odyssey7KA. Misc.: Chrome
Driver/freewheel: Profile9t. Misc.: Ti
Front hub: ProfileElite. Misc.: Aluminum / Polished
Rear hub: ProfileElite. Misc.: Aluminum / Polished
Front tire: DemolitionMomentum. Misc.: Black
Rear tire: DemolitionMomentum. Misc.: Black
Pegs: EasternSlit Pegs. Misc.: Chrome
General Info
Model Year: 2011
Weight: 21 lb 4 oz (9639 g)
Additional Info: Complete custom one off, Evel Knievel tribute BMX, built around 2011 Skavenger Tunnel frame, Fit Shiv II fork, Profile Elite Hubs.

Vital BMX member Flatlandfox Flatlandfox 12/22/2012 5:23 PM

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Thanks for all the positive comments, tons of sweet bikes on this site, so I'm pretty stoked to be near the top with my bike checks!!
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These are Profile's 30th ann. cranks, based on their original design... So technically they are new... But they look old. I went with a Titanium spindle, & polished out the crank arm bolts, & bottom Bracket cups too
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The pedals in the pic's are Tioga Monoblock... again I was trying to give the bike a motorcycle feel, but chose toI swap them out with Twisted PC's after finding the Monoblock were a bit slippery, & gave the bike a sketchy feel ... as for the price... ahhhh way toooo much, but I'm still not completely certain, because this bike took close to 7 months from start to finish to complete most of the components were acquired over a period time. As for the custom paint... I did the paint so that just co$t me... mucho TIME!!!
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