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Totally this!

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What put sand in your vagina today? Vent! It's okay to be pissed off! Tell the world! Get feedback!!!!

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Seriously, get the least expensive, full chromo bike with sealed bearings you can find. Mongoose Mode 900 was a good bike for beginners, at $200 us, it's a beast for starting out, and if, you decide freestyle bmx isn't for you, you're only out 2 bills. ... more »

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A goat. But they get upset.

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Never got poop on it, but have been buried in there a good bit, lol. A few exes loved that.

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Get some of the larger fishing weights and add a few down the seat tube each day, each week, whatever. As far as the food Idea, mix some fish and whole milk or sweet cream. The faster it turns, the better.

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When I started riding, frames were made out of solid tungsten, hahahahaha.

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Albes builds amazing wheels, and they have awesome customer service. If you call them, you won't be talking to some random phone person, you will be talking to a fellow rider. When there was an issue with an order Flip called me himself, not some part ... more »

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Great looking bike!!! Solid parts list!

Added reply in a thread New Moderator 3/18/2015 1:28 PM

Congratulations, sundaybmxRR! Don't let the huge paycheck go to your head! Haha

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Great looking bike. Save your money, replace only what you break, or what you need to to make it fit you better.

Added reply in a thread Fat old man needing advice 3/15/2015 11:01 AM

I was 285 when I started, so I bought a bike strong enough to handle me. Then built a custom a month later, lol. Go to a bike shop, see what feels good under you.

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Damn, brother! You should just ship that to me! Hahahaha! Sexy bike!

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Not sure. Depends on the mood. For riding and trying new shit, or just to get pumped, Pantera, Static X, Mudvayne, Slipknot, etc. Anything that gets the blood boiling without motion. Lately, been into some Buckcherry, Cake, and Theory of a deadman.

Added reply in a thread Does anyone on Vital know what this is? 3/13/2015 10:49 PM

Poor pain prep. Don't trip intil you see a tiny jagged line of rust. Edit: And, you were the LAST person I thought would post that question! Troll much?

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Looking sweet, brother!!! I might just grab a Mode 900 for the time being, and fix what I break. The "big guy riding a kids bike" itch is getting too strong lately, lol.

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They're 3/4" taller. If you're short, you may hate it. If you're tall, you will probably like it. The .5" width increase will be slightly noticable, unless you ride between narrow things. Then you may notice more quickly.

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I'll be on here as much as I used to now. Been popping in when I could, but some b.s. came up that I had to deal with.

Added reply in a thread Fiend cranks....and maybe a few others ???? 3/11/2015 9:28 PM

I should be starting a new build before too long. Time to start researching parts again! Stoked!

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